How to Beat the Congestion Charge!
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Sick of Shelling Out ��'s on the London Congestion Charge? Here's How to Beat the Congestion Charge!

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The country has gone MAD.

Fuel prices have rocketed to stratospheric levels. Parking in major cities is almost impossible. Speed cameras lurk on every corner. Road tax and insurance costs are spiralling out of control.

And if you commute around the London region...

Well, you’ll now be paying an average of £1,920 EXTRA per year on the London congestion charge!

It’s crazy. We’re being bled dry. No doubt about it.

Can YOU afford to hand over that kind of cash – without a second thought?

Even if you can, wouldn’t you prefer to keep it in your back pocket, and enjoy an extra luxury holiday this year?

Here’s the thing:

You CAN beat the London congestion charge.

All by tapping into a handful of little-known loopholes. Sneaky little tricks and legal workarounds that you won’t find ANYWHERE ELSE!

Want to learn more? Just read on!

The London Congestion Charge JUST DOESN'T ADD UP! Here's How to Beat the London Congestion Charge!

Let’s get one thing straight from the outset.

The London congestion charge just DOESN’T make sense.

Rush-hour congestion has officially worsened, according to a report published in the London Evening Standard. Local business trade has dropped by 25% and resulted in 6,000 job losses, according to The Centre for Economics & Business Research.

And pollution levels?

They’ve actually INCREASED throughout London, according to the London Air Quality Network. Unlike the rest of the country, where pollution levels have lowered.

The only people the congestion charge DOES make sense to are the FAT CATS administering it!

For example, did you know that almost £4 of the daily £8 congestion charge goes into private sector “administration” costs?

Such as the plush 18-story Windsor House administration office – with its 105 staff, and an average wage bill of £70,000 EACH. It’s just SHOCKING.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Discover How to BEAT the London Congestion Zone System - TODAY!

Yes – the London congestion charge is FRUSTRATING.

But there ARE little-known loopholes that allow you to BEAT the SYSTEM – quickly and easily – reducing your congestion charge bill right down to £0.

For example, do you know about the ill-publicised central through-routes that are absolutely FREE of charge?

Or the sneaky little changes you can make to your car, making you immediately exempt from the charge?

How about the trick for enjoying the 90% resident’s discount – even if you DON’T live in the congestion charging zone?

The London congestion charge system is FLAWED.

And this is YOUR chance to take advantage.

I’m Dan Strauss – I’m run, and helped create best-selling books such as UK Driving Secrets, Beat Wheel Clamps, Drink Driving Facts, and more.

I know the UK motoring system.

I know how to beat the London congestion charge.

And I’ve put all of my knowledge into my brand new, recession-busting guide:

“How to Beat the Congestion Charge!”

Take a Sneak Preview Inside My Brand New Guide - And Learn How to BEAT the Congestion Charge!

Would YOU like to beat the London congestion charge?

I’ve collected the greatest tricks and techniques YOU can immediately start using to beat the congestion charge – and pieced them all together inside my brand new 2019 guide, “How to Beat the Congestion Charge.”

Within its pages, you’ll uncover how to quickly and easily enjoy FREE driving throughout the congestion charging zone – starting TODAY!


Just read my guide, and uncover:

Why the London Congestion Charge has failed to meet ALL its stated objectives and is simply an unfair and inefficient tax on motorists!

The gasket-blowing truth about how much the congestion charge costs to collect – and the private sector 'fat cats' who are benefiting as a result!

The little-known stats about the inaccuracy of the congestion charging system, which means that as many as 1 in 10 numberplates may be wrongly identified!

The little-publicised free through-routes, which let you drive through central London quite legally WITHOUT having to pay the congestion charge!

What to do if you are wrongly sent a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) for non-payment of the congestion charge

One thing you MUST ask for when submitting an appeal against a PCN. This will GREATLY INCREASE your chances of success – even if in reality you are guilty as charged!

The amazing, unpublicised statistic about appeals to the independent adjudicator over the congestion charge. This demonstrates that if you appeal, your chances of success are far better than you think!

Two easy and 100% legal ways ANYONE who visits the congestion charging zone regularly can save money on the charge

How even if you DON'T live in the congestion charging zone, you may still qualify for a NINETY PERCENT residents' discount!

If you're a business owner, three reasons why you simply MUST apply for fleet registration for the charge. If you're not a business owner but drive into London regularly, show this to your boss, then wait for a promotion!

How you can get 100% exemption from the congestion charge (and help save the planet as well) by driving an 'alternative fuel' car. We explain what the options are, and EXACTLY what you need to do to qualify

How you can convert your car to run on a popular “alternative” fuel and save up to 40% on fuel as well as (in many cases) qualifying for exemption from the congestion charge

The pros and cons of electric cars. If they fit your circumstances, you could save over £800 in annual fuel costs, and much more than that in congestion charges

Another very easy way to escape paying the congestion charge, just by “changing” your mode of transport!

An unusual approach to avoiding the congestion charge, but one that is straightforward and totally legal. Amaze your friends and neighbours!

The incredible loophole that means you could be driving a top of the range Land Rover Defender into the congestion charging zone every day, and never pay a penny in charges!

Yet another loophole that allows you to drive in and out of the congestion charging zone all year long for a single fee of just over £100. Thousands of drivers are doing this already – Will YOU be next?
How YOU may be eligible for a Blue Badge, giving you 100% exemption from the congestion charge, even if you are not yourself disabled! (This is 100% legal.)
How to apply for a Blue Badge, giving yourself the maximum chances of success – and if you're turned down, how to appeal successfully.
A surprising (and little-known) fact about Blue Badge exemption, which means that playing Good Samaritan to a disabled friend or neighbour could be one of the shrewdest financial moves you'll ever make!
How driving a foreign-registered car quite legally can make it almost IMPOSSIBLE for the congestion charging authorities to track you down
Six illegal methods for avoiding the congestion charge. We do NOT advocate using any of these methods, but the fact remains that they are being used successfully by thousands of motorists every day to avoid paying the charge. For information purposes ONLY!

Would YOU like to discover these awesome secrets for yourself?

You’ll learn EVERYTHING you need to know inside my guide.

But that’s not all.

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Distributed in PDF format. Works on Windows and Mac computers

Learn How YOU Can Avoid the Congestion Charge - TODAY! And Get This BONUS GUIDE on Saving ��� On Your Motoring Bill!

No question about it: I want to SAVE YOU MONEY.

That’s why I wrote “How to Beat the Congestion Charge!”

But when you decide to discover my guide today, I’d also like to throw in my FREE bonus guide: “50 Top Tips for Saving Money on Motoring.”

This budget-busting report shares a whole bundle of tricks YOU can use to save cash on your motoring bill – from fuel charges to insurance, services to Government incentives!


Inside this FREE bonus guide, you’ll discover:

Two free websites that will help you find the cheapest petrol suppliers in your area – save up to 15p a litre! (Tip 1)

Why you should NEVER fill your fuel tank to the brim (Tip 2)

The best time of day to buy fuel – this will surprise you! (Tip 4)

The one day of the week you should NEVER fill up. (Tip 5)

The little-advertised supermarket fuel promotion that saves you money on groceries too – from one of the cheapest fuel suppliers anyway! (Tip 7)

The new scheme that aims to bring the benefit of fleet fuel discounts to the private motorist. They expect to be able to offer a discount of between 5p and 7p a litre. Sign up for FREE now! (Tip 8).

A tip that can save you up to 5% on your fuel and other motoring costs. If you aren't doing this, you're missing out BIG TIME! (Tip 9)

When you should drive with your windows open – and when you should keep them shut. Following this advice could save you 10% or MORE on your fuel bills. (Tips 10 and 12)

The regular check you MUST make to ensure you are getting good fuel economy (and also stay safe) - (Tip 17)

The AMAZING EFFECT doubling your speed has on your fuel consumption. (Tip 18)

What's the optimum speed to drive for economy? We're willing to bet that the answer ISN’T what you think! (Tip 18)

How you can save a MASSIVE 25% on fuel when driving on the motorway. (Tip 18)

When should you change gear for maximum fuel economy – DEFINITIVE advice! (Tip 19)

The free online service that will plot a route for you between any two points in Europe – and even work out the mileage, time and likely fuel consumption! (Tip 22)

When you should switch off your engine to save fuel, and when you should keep it running. (Tip 23)

Why having your car serviced regularly is so important – and two practical tasks you MUST perform regularly to minimise your fuel consumption. (Tips 25, 26 and 27)

How to save money on tolls (Tips 29 and 30)

A free, independent website that will find you the cheapest motor insurance quote from OVER 300 providers! (Tip 32)

Why you should ALWAYS reverse into a space when you park (Tip 37)

The special scheme for new drivers that can save them £££s on insurance premiums! (Tip 41)

An easy, low-tech way to cut your motoring costs (Tip 43)

A simple check you should make TODAY to ensure that your fuel isns't vanishing into thin air! (Tip 45)

Why going the most direct route ISN'T always the most economical. (Tip 46).

How to save on the cost (and hassle) of driving by sharing with others. Three great websites that can put you in touch with potential ride-sharers in your area. (Tip 47)

An alternative scheme that lets you use a car any time you need one for just £5 an hour – including FUEL! (Tip 48)

The simple mechanical modification that can improve your fuel consumption by UP TO 16%! (Tip 49)

The one thing you MUST check regularly to keep your motoring costs as low as possible. (Tip 50)

And much, much more besides!


Just order “How to Beat the Congestion Charge” TODAY – and claim this bonus guide, ABSOLUTELY FREE of CHARGE!

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Distributed in PDF format. Works on Windows and Mac computers

Save Almost �2000 Per Year - By Discovering How to Avoid Paying the Congestion Charge Fee!

So – HOW MUCH will this entire package cost you?

Remember, the advice contained within will save the average London commuter almost £2,000 per year.

(Oh, and that amount has historically increased by 60% PER YEAR – and former mayor Ken Livingstone actually had plans to increase this average to around £6,000 per year for certain vehicles.)

But this guide costs NOWHERE NEAR that £2,000 figure.

In fact, it doesn’t even cost 1/100th of that amount.

You can grab YOUR full copy of “How to Beat the Congestion Charge” – and your FREE copy of “50 Top Tips for Saving Money on Motoring” – all for just £19.95!  Reduced to £15!!


Yes – £12. That’s all it’ll cost.

And that includes FREE LIFETIME UPDATES too!

Want to get started? Just click this button to download YOUR copy, TODAY!

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Distributed in PDF format. Works on Windows and Mac computers

Grab Your Copy of "How to Beat the Congestion Charge" - TODAY!

SICK of the London congestion charge?

Take action NOW – and save yourself ££££’s over the coming year.

You’ll be AMAZED at some of the little-known loopholes I’ve collected inside this guide. And all of these secrets can be YOURS, when you order today.

Let’s recap what you’ll receive when you order TODAY:

Full Course

FULL COPY of “How to Beat the Congestion Charge” –

This is my definitive guide to beating the system in 2019! Learn how the congestion charge works, its little-known loopholes, and how to exploit the system so you never pay another penny in congestion tax, EVER AGAIN!

FREE COPY of “50 Top Tips for Saving Money on Motoring”

Uncover my SECRET techniques for saving £££’s on your motoring costs! From insurance tricks to hardly-heard-about Government incentives, this FREE guide is easily worth the full purchase price!

FREE Lifetime Updates!

Yes, we know that rules surrounding the London congestion charge are liable to change. The current guide is fully updated for 2019. But we’ll also promise you FREE lifetime updates too, at absolutely NO extra cost!

FREE 24/7 Lifetime Support –

Got questions about the guide? No problem. We’ll be here when you need us, with a full team providing dedicated support – via a special link we’ll send you.

... And all of this for JUST £12.

You simply cannot go wrong.

Click on this button to take FULL ADVANTAGE – TODAY!

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Distributed in PDF format. Works on Windows and Mac computers


The London congestion charge just doesn’t make sense.

It doesn’t stop congestion. It doesn’t lower pollution levels. It doesn’t help the local economy.

The ONLY thing it does is give you another bill to pay.

A bill of almost £2,000 on average!

Of which the private sector fat cats are taking £1,000 in “administration costs.”

Does that make you angry? IT SHOULD.

Take action to BEAT THE SYSTEM – NOW!

Grab this guide, and discover how YOU can travel through London, absolutely FREE of charge!

Click HERE to get YOUR copy – RIGHT NOW!

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Distributed in PDF format. Works on Windows and Mac computers


That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting my site today!

Best wishes,

Dan Strauss
Dan Strauss, UK Motoring Expert


PS. “How to Beat the Congestion Charge” is ONLY available on this site! You won’t find it in stores, on eBay, or on other websites. You can only buy it here at So if you want to grab your copy, you MUST do it from this page – click HERE to get started!

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